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Preteen Lolita Pics

Posted on July 15 2012


Related article: Date: Thu, 7 Mar 2002 12:45:11 -0600From: rseeha30akeva.comSubject: Down on Dreamstreet 3I just wanted to remind everyone that this is a fantasy and I am notsaying that Greg Raposo, Matt Ballinger or any other member are gay butwe all can dream.I also wanted to thank everyone for writing and to let you all know thatdue to popular demand Matt is up. So, on to ........Part 3On the limo ride back to the motel all Greg could think about was thehot shower scene that he just enjoyed with his two friends Jesse andChris. Gregs young cock was as hard as a rock as he fantasized aboutwhat chis and he were going to be doing once they got back to the motel.Greg slowly began to rock his hips so his hard cock would slide againsthis silk boxers he had put on after the shower. He loved the feeling itgave him and after a few strokes he shot a load in his pants. Greg wastrying to notice if he had left a wet mark on his jeans when he heardmatt talking to him."Greg, remember if we want to make the movie, we need to head out assoon as we get back" Matt said.Shit, thought greg because he had promised Matt that they would go andsee the movie Big Fat Liar. Greg could not decide what he should do. Hefigured on the one hand he could stay at the motel and have hot boy sexwith Chris or he could go to the movie with Matt. Greg, being the niceperson he is, decided that since he did promise Matt and also since themovie had Frankie Muniz as the lead actor he figured it wouldn't be allbad."Okay, just stay in the limo then I need to run up to the room and grabmy money" said Greg.A big smile appeared on Matts face because he realized he was going toget some alone time with the boy of his dreams. You see Matt fell inlove with Greg the first time he ever saw him. Matt remembered back towhen they first auditioned for the group and every time they cut it downto get to the final five he prayed that not only he was one of them butalso that Greg would be as well. The day they anounced the final fivewas the best day of his life for not only did he and Greg make it but healso realized that the other three guys were very hot as well. Matt,being kinda shy had just watched greg from afar but after two years ofwatching him shower, change cloths and girating his hips on stage he hadto make a move. Matt thought back to before the show earlier and howwhen the boys where meeting their fans out front he had grabbed Greg'sass. He could not believe what he had done and it had only been for asecond but the warmth and hardness of the perfect globe made it diffcultfor him to change for the concert with his 9" cock sticking straight andproud out from his crotch.Once the limo pulled up to the motel Greg and Chris headed up to theroom and once inside the room Chris pulled Greg into a tight embrass andas his tounge made its way over Greg's lower lip and into his mouth hishands cupped each of gregs ass cheeks in his hands and gave a squeeze.Greg returned the favor and soon had both of Chri's perfectly shappedass cheeks in his hands as well. "I heard what you told matt but let meshow you what you will be missing" said Chris as he slowly dropped tohis knees in front of his friend.Chris took his hands and ran them up and down over Gregs thighs andmoved his face closer to Gregs crotch. Chris could smell the sensualaroma coming from his friends crotch and took his tounge and ran it overthe demin fabric that was outlining Gregs hard love tool. Greg moaned asChris ran his hands behind Greg and pulling his crotch to his face. WithGregs crotch now smashed against his face he nibbled at the hard outlineof teen flesh with his teeth as he molded Gregs ass with his hands.Chris then licked up along the zipper to Gregs jeans until he came tothe top and then pulled the zipper down with his teeth. Greg by now wassquirming and moaning to his freinds actions and had almost forgot aboutMatt but when he noticed that Chris had inserted his tounge into theopening of his jeans and was running it over the lenght of his hard cockhis knees went weak.Chris was having a awesome time turning on his young friend but wantedthe prize. He soon found the button that held the boxers closed andplacing it between his teeth pulled it off and spit it on the floor.With the button removed Greg's hard cock easilyslide out through theopening. Chris waisted no time and took the tip of Gregs cock into hismouth and ramn his tounge into his friends piss slit. While Chris usedone hand to stroke his friends cock he took his other and fished Greg'sballs out through the opening as well. While continuing to stroke Gregoff he leaned in and smelled his freinds balls. They had the smell ofsoap but he could also smell sweat and cum mixed in as well. chris stuckout his tounge and licked the underside of gregs two hairy balls. Thestroking on Gregs cock increased Preteen Lolita Pics as Chris sucked Gregs left ball intohis mouth and swirled his tounge around it. Chris left the nut drop fromhis mouth and then thought what the hell as he got both of Greg's nutsinto his Preteen Lolita Pics mouth.Greg could not believe the feelings his friend was giving him as hebucked his hips to and fro to enjoy the feelings of chris hands andmouth. Greg realized that he was close to cuming so he moaned "I'm goingto cum!!". Chris not wanting to waste a drop of his freinds sweet nectorplaced his mouth over the tip of his cock and slide his lips and toungeto the base of Greg's coock till his nose was buried in Greg's thickblack pubic bush. Gregs hairs tickled his Preteen Lolita Pics nose but the feel of greg'scock tickling his tonsils made it all the sweeter. It did not take longbefore Chris felt Greg's cock twitch in his mouth and then the warm flowof cum as it hit the back of his throat. Once greg's cock had gone Preteen Lolita Pics softinhis mouth he let the tub steak slide from between his lips andstanding once more he planted a passionate kiss on Gregs lips. greg soonrealized that his friend did not swallow for as the two kissed Gregs cumwas traded between the two via chris tounge as they continued to kiss."I think I had better go before Matt comes up" Greg said as he sadlybroke the kiss."Well hurry back then for I think you owe me one" Chris said. "Don'tworry I don't think I could forget that." Greg Preteen Lolita Pics said as the two exchangedanother kiss and a squeeze of Preteen Lolita Pics the ass at the door Greg was headed forthe lobby and his movie date with Matt.Matt was growing impatient as he waited in the limo but as hard as hetried he could not get mad at Greg because, well, he was gorgeous. Soonthe door opened and Greg jumped in."Sorry Matt but i had a hard time finding my money". "Not a problem man,we should still make it." Matt said.Once at the theater the boys where escorted to a Preteen Lolita Pics private balcony Preteen Lolita Pics so therest of the patrons didn't realize they where there. The two boys werethe only two in the balcony and figured this was as good as time as anyto make his movie so excusing himself he went and bought a jumbopopcorn, two large pops and some candy. Once he returned Greg saw thathis hands where full and offered to hold the popcorn. Perfect Christhought as Greg placed the tub on his lap. The house lights went low andsoon the movie began and both boys sprouted boners as they both wherethinking the same thought and that was damm Frankie Muniz is hot. Soonthe two were engrossed in the movie and every time matt would reach overto get some popcorn the pressure he was placing on the bucket wouldforce it down onto Greg's hard tool and it was starting to turn him on.Greg had looked at his friend Matt before but as he looked over at himfrom the corner of his eye he realized he wanted him. Unknown to Mattthat Greg was feeling the same he coontinued with his plan and the nexttime he reached for popcorn he missed the bucket. Chris slide his handdown beside the bucket and soon it landed smack dab on top of greg'scrotch. Chris figured he would just tell him it was an accident if Gregreacted negatively but he had no need to worry for he could feel thehard mound pressing against his hand.Greg made no move as Preteen Lolita Pics he felt Matts hand laying in his lap. Matt slowlyturned to see what reaction Greg was having but at this point it didn'tmatter as he realized setting beside him was one of the sexiest teens inthe world and he looked so fine in his baby blue turtle neck sweater andbesides he seemed not to care that his friend had not removed his hand.Slowly Matts hands began to explore Gregs crotch and could feel thehardness of Gregs cock through the sweater that was covering his crotchbut Greg's jeans as well.Greg was getting into his friends hand action but wanted more. So gregleaned in closer to Matt and Matt did the same and soon the two teenslips met and they may as well have turned the movie off for the two newlovers where locked in a kiss that could have melted butter outside inDecember in Minnesota. They two continued to tounge wrestle as the ranthere hands over each others bodies.Matt was enjoying the feel of Greg'stight stomach and smooth chest under his soft sweater while Greg ran hishand through Matts soft blonde hair. Gregs other hand had found Mattscrotch and running his fingers over the Preteen Lolita Pics lenght of Matts hard love toolhe marveled at the size of his friends cock. The two continued to kissand stroke each other and then Greg leaned close to Matts ear andwhispered "suck my cock, please".Matt didn't need a second invitation as he moved to his knees and gotbetween Greg's spread legs. Greg slide down in the seat so hisbuttcheeks where barely on the seat Preteen Lolita Pics but gave Matt a great view of hiscrotch. When Greg had slide down it had pulled his jeans tight againsthis nuts and it made them form lumps in the fabric so Matt leaned in akissed first the Preteen Lolita Pics left one and then the right as he took his hands andran them up and down Greg's sexy Preteen Lolita Pics calves and thighs. Matt then movedhigher and placed his mouth over Greg's demin covered cock and slurpedand licked at the hard meat below. Chris took both hands and began torun them up and down his friends torso. The softness of the sweater wasoffset by the hard young teen flesh below it. Chris marveled that hecould feel the hard ridges of his friends stomach muscles and once hereached the chest he realized Greg's tits had become hard pointedspeers.. Taking one of the pointed nubs in each hand he rubbed thembetween his fingers. Greg was beginning to moan and thrust his hips butmatt had much more in plan.. "Greg, take off your pants" said Matt as he sat back on his heels.Greg realized that they where in public but right now it didn't matteras he quickly pulled his pants and boxers off and threw them in the seatbeside him. Greg began to remove his sweater but Matt stopped him andsaid "It looks so hot on you could you leave it on." Greg smiled andleaned back in his chair for right now he was so hot he would do almostanything his young friend asked.Matt sat back on his heels and marveled at the sight before. In front ofhim sat a hot brown haired stud with a diamond earring in his left earthat sparkled with the lights reflection. Moving his eyes down over thisangels sweater covered torso he stopped to admire his family jewels. Hiscrotch was covered with dark pubic hairs setting above a 6" tube steakthat was laying atop of two balls about the size of acorns that wheresparsely covered with dark hairs as well. Matt continued to let his eyesroll lower and took in Gregs legs. They were long with not a lot ofmuscles but where still sexy none the less and finally he noticed Gregstill had on his tennis shoes with a pair of white ankle socks.Matt locked up again to Gregs face and noticed that he was smiling downat him...GOD he was gorgeous...Matt thought as Greg leaned down toexchange a quick kiss. Matt took both of Greg's ankles and placed themon the seats in front of them so Gregs thighs where on either side ofhis head. Greg was now in the position Matt had long dreamed about. Mattmoved towards Greg's left foot and began to lick at the white sock. Thesocks where new and so very white and that was set off by Greg's darkskin. Matt liked the feel of the soft fabric on his tounge and couldfeel a few sparse hairs that stuck up threw the material. Matt caughtone between his teeth and gave it a soft tug at that Greg let out a softyelp. Matt continued to move up as he kissed and licked the hairs on hisfriends sexy legs. Matt stoped at Gregs knee and stuck his head in thearea under Gregs knee and kissed and licked there as well. Greg began togiggle and Matt made a mental note that he was tickles there. Matt thenkissed up his friends lightly hairy thigh until he came to Greg'scrotch.Greg figured he would now get what he was waiting for but Matt moved tohis right ankle and began the process all over again. Once Matt againreached Greg's crotch and Greg was about to bust a nut "Suck my cock"Greg whimpered."Not yet" moaned Matt. Matt had other ideas as he slide Greg down alittle more till his lower back rested on the chair edge. This gave Matta perfect view of Gregs two ass cheeks. Matt leaned in and placed a kisson each of Greg's ass cheeks before running his tounge up and down thetight crack that seperated the two perfect globes. Matt marveled at hisfriends perfectly smooth as but at this point Greg could take no moreand grabbed Matts head and pulled it towards his hard cock. Matt tookGreg's tool into his mouth and only after a few times over the hardstick Greg shot a load into Matt's waiting mouth all of which Mattswallowed. Greg was spent for that was the best sensations he had everfelt but matt wasn't done yet."Get up on your knees and turn around" Matt said. Greg once again did ashe was told as leaning his arms on the back of the chair with his kneeson the seat he hoped he new what was coming next. Matt was now at eyelevel with Gregs perfect ass so placing a hand on either cheek he Preteen Lolita Pics leanedin and pulling them aprt he ran his tounge up and down Greg's sweatycrack. Matt stopped at Gregshole and tickled it with his tounge. Gregbegan to push his hips back onto Matts waiting tounge and soon couldfeel his virgin hole penatrated by it. Both boys were in heaven as Mattcontinued to tounge fuck his young friend while exploring his ass andthighs with his hands."Fuck me, Please".Greg moaned. Greg had planned on giving up hisvirginity to Chris tonight but Matt was just as hot. Matt got up fromhis knees and undid his wind pants and pushing them and his boxers tothe floor he moved in behind his sexy friend. Matt was rock hard andstanding behinnd Greg he stroked his 9" cock and admired his friendsass. Matt then took his cock and ran it up and down the crack of Greg'sass. Greg was moaning heavily as he moved his hips back and forthenjoying the feeling of Matts hardness but wondering if he could take itup his Preteen Lolita Pics virgin hole.Shit, thought Greg for he had no rubber or lube but not to worry yourperty head for Matt had thought of everything as he pulled both from hisjacket pocket and placed the rubber on his hard, long, young tool. Mattthen placed a glob of lubricant on his middle finger of his roght handand placed it at Gregs openig. Greg sucked in a quick breath as he feltMatts finger enter him slowly.Matt slowly slide his finger up and down his friends love channel andsoon could tell Greg was relaxed enough to try two. Matt soon had asteady rythym going and Greg was moving his hips in the same motion soMatt figured it was now or never as he removed his fingers and placedhis cock to the opening he had long dreamed of. Matt aplied somepreasure and heard Greg whimper. "Do you want me to stop?" Matt ask?"Fuck no" moaned Greg.Matt soon felt the huge head of his penis enter Greg and after allowingGreg a moment to get used to the sensation he began to slide his cock upGreg's ass till his blonde bush was pressed against Greg's rounded ass.Matt began to pump in and out of his friend as Greg thrusts his hipsback to meet each of them. Matt took his hands that were resting on hisfreinds slim hips and ran them up over Gregs sweater covered back. Hethen reached Gregs head and pulling him back towards him he nibbled atGreg's ear lobe and then stuck his tounge into his ear."You are so frickin hot" Matt moaned in Greg's ear as he continued topound his ass with his cock. Matt then ran his hands over Greg's chestand stomach and could feel the nubs under the sweater so reaching up andunder the sweater he found the right tit and while he played with itGreg turned his head towards him as the two friends started to kiss.Matts other hand dropped to Greg's crotch and began to stroke him off aswell.Greg would have passed out at this point if not for the fact that Mattssteel rod in his ass and his Preteen Lolita Pics hand holding his love muscle where the twothings holding him up. Greg was getting ready to cum again and couldtell too by Matts groans and sighs that he was close too."Can I shoot up your ass?" Matt asked Greg."Yes baby you could do anything you wish" Greg cried.A couple more thrusts and Greg felt the cock get harder in his ass andthen could feel Matts warm love juice filling the condom. Matt lest hiscock inserted in his friend as the two continued to kiss and Mattcontinued to stroke Greg off. Greg too soon shot all over the back ofthe theather seat. Greg then turned to face his new lover as they kissedonce more. Greg then noticed that Matt was once again hard so droppingto his knees he sucked Matt off quickly as the Preteen Lolita Pics credits rolled on themovie. Matt soon shot a load into Gregs mouth.Greg rose from his knees and planted yet another steamy kiss on hisfriends sexy lips. "I think we had better get going" Greg said."But I want you to fuck me to" Matt said looking rather sad."Don't worry about that, just wait till we get back to the motel, and Ihave a couple other surprises for you as well". Greg smiled.As the two new lovers walked out hand in hand they didn't noticed thesmall figure slumped in the corner for he had witnessed everything. Asthe two studs walked by not even noticing him the blonde boy thought tohimself the next time they meet those two will never forget him.I hope you enjoyed this installment and then next time we need Frankieinvolved and I do have some fun planned for him.Later.
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